Doula Divine by Gabrielle

Autonomous Doula Support Services

Birth Support

During pregnancy, it is common for the birthing person to be unsure of the changes that are taking place in their bodies. I am able to help navigate these changes while normalizing each individual experience. Providing educational resources, planning and most importantly, listening to my clients has been proven to instill confidence when the time comes to welcome baby. Click below to learn more about the Birth Support I can offer you

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Postpartum Support

Bringing home baby can be such an exciting time. Unfortunately, it can also be an experience that leads to fear, anxiety & feelings of failure. Having a support person who listens intently to your desires and concerns, providing ultimate relief & tools to help you along should ease the transition into life as a newborn parent. Click below to learn more about Postpartum Support that may benefit you

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Reproductive Health

Understanding the reproductive system is important for  many reasons including; family planning, prevention of disease, and cycle awareness remains an area that does not receive the attention it deserves. The lack of Reproductive Health information and knowledge coincides with the reproductive injustices that people are facing currently.  Contact me for more information


Other Transitional Support

We may have to face many different transitions in life. Serving as a support person whose purpose is to help you to understand Loss, Divorce, Relocation, Death of a loved one, Abortion and countless other transitional milestones can be beneficial. Contact me for more info