Doula Divine by Gabrielle

Autonomous Doula Support Services

Our Mission IS Possible

The Mission of Doula Divine by Gabrielle is....

To have the ability to provide autonomous doula support to people, in particular People of Color during transitional life experiences (Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery, Postpartum, Abortion, Surrogacy, Adoption, Loss/Death). 

To share the expert training and years of experience implementing well-researched, cultured, traditional, and contemporary support techniques.

To commit to being a source of experience, knowledge, beneficial resources, referrals, recommendations and comfort.

 To maintain a passion for informed advocacy on behalf of those most in need (Black, Incarcerated, Native American).

 To offer income-based or no-cost doula support services to impact disenfranchised communities that are susceptible to a grave outcomes (CDC studies suggest that black women are 2-4 times more likely to die from preventable, pregnancy-related complications during childbirth up to 1 year postpartum).

To bring transparent awareness to racial disparities that exist in our communities as a product of systemic racism. 

To maintain community partnerships, donors, philanthropy, and in-kind service to expand the reach and strengthen the voice in the ongoing fight for Racial & Reproductive Justice for ALL.